The recession of Ben Bernanke!

Publié le par Jean-Pierre Chevallier

Ben Bernanke and his boys thus succeeded in creating a recession whereas the growth could have normally continued!
He joined on the black list Wm. McC. Martin, Jr who directed the Fed in the Sixties and who made the fatal error to let leave an inflation which was stopped only by the intervention of Reaganomics, as I wrote recently.
The evolution of the monetary aggregates is well the best indicator because it only gives the evolution of the growth with a 10 days deadline.
All my previous analyses are confirmed.
Ben Bernanke and his boys are wrong. Their errors have catastrophic effects in the United States and everywhere in the world.
170.000 jobs were created on average in the United States since September 2003 (after the preceding black years) and 4.000 were removed for the first time since this date,
Figure 1:


Ben Bernanke declared that the inversion of the rates curve did not announce a fall of the growth. He was wrong. The markets are right.
As I previously wrote, the long rates must evolve in a band between 4.0 and 4.5%,
Figure 2:


… like from 2002 to 2005,
Figure 3:

Ben Bernanke and his boys created much disorder recently! and put an end to this boom.


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